I Just Got On a Crazy, Crazy Ride

A couple of months ago, I read Jim Roger’s Commodity book. On a whim, I bought some sugar futures, and lost $700. Since then, I have stayed off futures market.

When I looked in again about 1/2 weeks ago. HOLLER MAMA, how the markets – ALL the markets have risen. So I got in on Silver and had one of the craziest ride last night. For those of you without a numerical background, those numbers are just numbers, UP and DOWN. But , I have said this since a long time ago, when you know what those numbers mean, it just makes you realise how crazy the world is out there.

I think we may be heading for a period similar to the early 1900’s. People, I get no commission for doing this, but THIS TIME, I totally believe in buying gold and silver.

This is no individual craze and fancy of mine, the world economy, if led by US, will go crazy soon. So in your own position, take this friendly advice – go get yourself some gold and silver. NOW!

I know I sound like a fanatic, but ignore at your own risks.   


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