I Hates Hidden Costs

I bought a new sewing machine at Courts. On payment, the cashier asked if I would like a warranty on the item. Item was 499 and the warranty 89. HATE. surprises. HATE buying electronic items which add on a certain warranty price on check out.

With expiration on my internet protection software, I shopped for a new one. Mcafee wasn’t very keen to reply my emails when I had questions about their product and the terms of renewal. As mentioned before, no matter how big or busy you are, business that do not answer customer’s question don’t get my business. I went to check online for any other internet proctection software? as I’m a total novice with computer stuffs…

VIOLA, there are a gazillion other products out there. (Ha!, and you think you had me just because I subscribed to you for a year, Mcafee? ) And gleaning through a few reviews, Mcafee aint so great afterall. Settled on Norton, which is cheaper than Mcaffe. Item price 58.99. On checkout – download insurance applies.

Download insurance. No end of new terms on earth.

So that if you change pc or need to download again in a few month’s time, it’s free.

WHAT? dun you have some kind of system in place to ensure customer who bought your software can download a million times if they needed to….

I hate hidden costs when shopping.

Which is why buying budget airline tickets pisss me off no end.

bagguage, additional, choose seats, additional, use creadit card to pay, additional…

wtf, I never charge you for the extra amount of time I need to sit in front of the pc self-servicing my order, which in the end pays you money.

even though  at the end of the day, budget airfare are still cheaper than normal. the shopping experience is super unpleasant.

Excuse me now I need to head over to my etsy shop to see what other cost I can add when my customers check out.


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