Information Overload

I dunno what the fish I had been feeding my computer but look @ how the icons had grown in the menu bar at the bottom.

It’s just clutter everywhere. Things in the house, things in my computer. I’m in sucha a mess. Why can’t I be like Sally? Whose house is always in perfect condition and seems like a oasis of calm? Whose blog and crafts has an totally coherent calming minimalist style about it.

Remember I always said I want to focus on something. I wanted so so that I could zero in on something and not be everywhere, as in EVERYWHERE. I believe that’ the way to be good in something.  In school it was good to be an all rounder. So I grew up aspiring to be good in all things.

But I never seem to settle on something to excel in.

I’m complaing this very much until I listen to David Tao’s CD this morning. That guy has a amazing breath of style under his belt. Even within one song, eg, My Anata, the verse part is in Japanese 演歌 style, and then at chorus it morphs into some 70’s Beatles song with heavy electric guitar. It’s da BOMB.

And he tell me this. The coherence in style which I had been pursuing in the past couple months is nothing. If you can do what you do well. That is, he marries the two style so well you wouldn’t notice at all.

What does this revelation do for me? Nothing much. If I couldn’t do my things well too. 🙂

Two sides to every coin. It’s a contant battle sometimes. For me I love my housewife job. But am worried I’ll be branded “黄脸婆” if I dive into it head, toes and toe nails. So I stay abreast of what happens around me, in order not to lose touch. But really, why did we laugh at the “黄脸婆”? They were doing what I think I should. To fully focus and immerse themselves in their life mission of taking good care of the family and home!

So wait.

Men – fully focused in their career – charming and charismatic.

Women – giving all to family and neglect looks – yellow faced woman?  

haha…just for fun.

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