The Price of Formula Milk

Youlgo, here’s to answer your question.

I took these pics after ranting about the price of formula last time.

On the left above was the price of Friso1. This same tin was $23.00 when Baobao took it in 2005. $37.50 was July 2010. A WHOPPING 63% price increase in 5 years. Forget Gold and silver my friends! What was I thinking?! BUY Friso formula milk for hedge against inflation!

On the right is answer to your question Youlgo. A 1.8kg tin for 77.90.  I think the price has come down abit since then, I dun see this price anymore. Now it’s $68. I wonder why in July the prices went sky high. So $240 for 4 tins of milk for my friend is no exaggeration.


This is the shelf deidcated to formula milk at the supermarket.

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