Ninth Year Anniversary

I made this card just for fun to try out the texture effect. Suddenly remember today is the 9th year anniversary of our marriage registration date. Oh, might as well, wish myself..

This is probably more suited for newly weds. 9 years now, no more lomantic anymore. I was suddenly missing my Dear very much this morning, and then he called! I nearly cried hearing his voice. Maybe it’s the anniversary thing, which I didn’t remember until just now. When asked if he misses my cooking, he says he misses home food – in general. Duncha wanna beat him up? Will it make him ouch just to humour me and say yes? Really shake my head. For the record, my cooking is not horrendous. 12345!

Anniversary gift? Probably that roll of freezer paper I asked him to get me from US.

9 years and all I get, a roll of freezer paper…*shake head* And dun even suggest that he might get me something for surprise! I would be surprised STUNNED if that thought even fleetingly crossed his mind.

Maybe I should just apply common consolation and think, “Some people dun even get freezer paper ok!”

Whew, LUCKY I asked.

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