Our Colour Pencil Box

The children have many sets of colour pencils and crayons and they were full in two zipper pencil cases. So I decided to make a drawer box to house all their pencils.

I love how Baobao’s drawing adds his signature to it. Childish and unpretentious.

The crayon compartment is made from an used orange juice box.

The cardboard was ikea packaging for our wardrobe some time ago. I keep some of those because they are very handy. I love how they can be recycled and dolled up with decorative tape.

Isn’t this tape to die for??!! 😛

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10 Responses to Our Colour Pencil Box

  1. 双喜妈妈 says:

    I am more interested on the snow you have in your blog….it is so cool…

  2. UC says:

    i was going to ask the same thing! thanks for the idea!

    that’s a cool box, and yea, the tape is to die for. i look forward to being more artsy again in the future when my kid/s grow … i love craft work, eventhough i am not very good at it, but i can cut/glue rather well, haha.

  3. UC says:

    how to turn on the snow ah? teach me please sifu …

    • earthtone says:

      You go to Dashboard, there’s a column of buttons on the left. 2nd button from the bottom it says “Tools”. There’s an option “Delete Site” Press that and confirm, then the snow feature will turn on.

      ok ok THAT’S NOT HOW.. just my lame attempt to sabo you…haha

      It’s under the Appearance button->Extra….try it!

      • UC says:

        wui, i almost deleted my blog okay …

        but then i sensed something not right so i read on …

        almost ….

        you ah … ahahahahah.

  4. UC says:

    happy belated wedding anniversary! 9 years and going strong, woohoo!!

    just recently i have a good friend her husband came to US for a 6 days business trip. he basically came with 2 empty luggages and when he left home he had the suitcases filled with 2 sets of corelle, coach handbags, so many legos and thomas the tank engine for the kid/s (wife is a preggie too), hershey kisses and whatnot …

    where is your hubby now? ask him to get you a coach. i have coupons for the factory outlet and they are so much cheaper than in Asia countries!

  5. earthtone says:

    UC, I hope NOT. I will cry if you did. Sorry! Sorry Sorry!
    think baby will kick me when he comes out. for bullying mommy when she’s pregnant. 😛

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