So many pretty things in the house..

My new tapes have arrived! And some other fabrics. I now have so many pretty things in the house they make me giddy.

As in.

No in a pretty sort of way. You know how I feel about too many things.

There are so many things to upload to my shop but I just can’t find the time yet.
Here are the smaller tapes which I have just made a picture of. Wait till you see the wider ones..! Tell you hor, half of me hope to sell them the other half want to keep them.. Just that there are too many goodies I dun have enough time to enjoy them all.

Every time a batch of new goods arrives, I will post them up to etsy. But there will always be a few items which I just dun make it for that batch.  Lately, as business has not been good at all, I decided to use some of them to make some things. So I made this pouch (will make more of this later!!!)


I was taking pic for this pouch just now and began to wonder how come I dun sell any of this tape since it’s so pretty…

It’s so pretty that I have used another one in the same series to attach to my canvas bag (which I had made some time ago). So I went to my shop and looked.

And realised I did not post this label up at all! muddle head me. I thought this was it. But obviously I made a mistake… 

Visit my etsy shop for sewing labels and embellishments.
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