Truth Be Told and If I could…

I dun want to do marketing. Just done up some things and as you can see I’ve been cranking up things.

Makes me puke.

What makes me puke? I think it’s the communication part. Really dun feel like talking now because I’m down with cold. As in talk business things.

But have to talk. Tell you, not that I am itchy backside want to do all these you know. Nobody forced me too. And I have no deadline. But it’s like I’ve been possessed or something and each day I keep finding ways to promote my shop. I dunno what’s driving me. Maybe it’s the stocks sitting at home that are crying “Sell us, sell us!!” haha..

Have I told you I was a relief teacher for some time. many years ago.

I never took up teaching because I din like to talk on demand. Very tiring to talk, I find. I love accounting job because I can sit inside my cubicle and work on the pc all day. Just dun like talking. Talk rot, ok. LOL. Jesting, joking. 讲有讲没有 ah, that one ok. Talk business…blueh.. 我是不是很没有用?!!! :~~~(

That’s why I stopped giving tuition in university after one try. Think because talking/communicating demands you to be alert so that you can interact effectively. I din like that my mind is occupied as in you have to be alert and talk anytime.

That’s the part I sometimes hate about being SAHM also. Taking care of children is you always have to answer questions. – means talk. But my own kids because I love them so not so bad lah, can still tahan.

Not just talking using mouth you know. It’s the same with blogging too. When I first started bloggin 2005, I was like, “What do you mean? Can talk like nobody’s business? Even though nobody reads you can still talk shiok shiok?!!” Like strike gold. But later I found that give me the space I also dun wanna talk sometimes. I guess it’s just. dun . feel . like . talking . sometimes.

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