School Reopens and Happy 2011

The weather’s been rainy, and a little gloomy around here.

And Baobao’s back to school. It’s the third day, but we are all trying to get used to the new timing. Schools starts 8am for him. I wake up 7 to prepare breakfast. But so far, it’s not easy to get breakfast into him so early in the morning.

I could have begun preparations earlier, but that’s not my style. Heh. Just take things as they come.

Meimei too, is going through a bit of adjustment, although, I don’t know what she needs to adjust to. She always wakes up around 7.30-8am already. But her nap time’s been erratic for the past couple of days.

The days are longer for me now, since we wake up earlier. And. I find myself not knowing what to do with the kids in the afternoon.

There’s now a chunk of time after they awake from naps and before dinnertime. I’ve been floating around like a ghost in these times, not knowing what to do with them or myself. Like now. Blogging at this time of the day.

SO. First thing for the year, find a healthy timetable for all of us.

A Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you will have a good and healthy year ahead.

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