Who Would Have Known?

Of painful soles.

I was a clueless woman who had just gotten married and was out of job in my early thrities.

Suddenly I found myself having difficulty in walking. It hurt in my calves. From my soles to calves, I felt a numbing pain which discouraged me from walking. I seeked help from Chinese medicines, went for acupuncture a couple of times but it did not heal. I can’t remember if I went to see a Western doctor. To this date, it remains a mystery WHY I did not see one.

It became so serious to a point I was confined to my sofa one day. Deep into the days of the illness, I was still in denial of an illness. I don’t know if I was ignorant or stubborn. I had to wear sneakers everywhere because I couldn’t walk if I didn’t. It was painful and my legs felt weak. That time, I remember I was always looking for comfortable shoes to buy.

Soon, the illness affected other parts of me. I felt a general weakness, getting tired easily. I couldn’t go out for long as I would feel breatheless if I walk too much – eg , less than 100m.

The best part is I can’t quite remember how I recovered eventually. I think I went to see a Chinese doctor at Toa Payohwhom my colleagues recommended. I would go to her clinic about 2-3 times each week for therapy sessions. The therapy was a bit weird. With me seated, she’d hold my hand and fingers with one hand, and then “clicked” my back with the other. Each session would take up to 45min and it was quite tiring. I was also to lie down and put under a warm light to warm some acupuncture points on the calves. She charged me about $15 each time. Very cheap.

I did not feel immediate wellness or improvements from those sessions, but my condition did get better eventually, so you can say she was effective.

Slowly and surely, I have healed. I can walk alot now with sneakers. From that illness onwards, I do not use ladies shoes as regular wear anymore. Even when I was working in an office, I would wear sneakers to work. Because in the years I was sick in the feet, I had read that sneakers are the best for our feet and legs.

I’m going to say something very cliche. But having gone through that time, I have come to appreciate my legs. I learn to protect them and be kind to them (in terms of footwear) Looking back, I was just being stupid for not actively seeking treatment for an obivous illness, but I guess ( I hope!) I have learnt. I think I contracted Plantar fasciitis – a painful inflammatory process of the sole.

I write this to remind myself not to be stupid again in the future and to recognise an ailing condition and seek treatment for it early.

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4 Responses to Who Would Have Known?

  1. 双喜妈妈 says:


  2. earthtone says:

    come come shake hands shake hands…I write this post mainly because of my disbelief that I never go and see a doctor..

  3. 湘绣蜻蜓 says:

    我试过运动扭到腰,腰没痛,可是左腿痛,只能走五分钟的路。从此以后我开始相信中医和铁打真的有效 :))

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