Meimei’s CNY Dress

An Idea. 🙂

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7 Responses to Meimei’s CNY Dress

  1. UC says:

    i like i like i like. nx time when she outgrow that can consider selling to me … =)

  2. earthtone says:

    lol. thks for the compliment, I think the fabric talks to you right?

    fyi, it’s from the US…the designer fabric is very pretty and many, you can easily get some if you want too..

  3. 湘绣蜻蜓 says:


  4. UC says:

    i have never learned how to sew … gotta learn how before i have the capability to appreciate fabric i guess. actually i am more sold on your design. =)

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  6. Tammi says:

    hi, this is beutiful

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