Meimei’s Chinese New Year Dress …

came out beautifully.

She has an existing Chinese blouse and pants bought by her aunt from Shanghai, so I followed the pattern on that blouse. Using the fabric as I mentioned in the plan, the result came out so well. This is the most beautiful part of the dress, and it motivated me to finish it.

girl's dress, chinese accent, 2T, chinese new year dress, children cheongsam

The colour palette actually becomes quite peranakan. This was totally unplanned. The turquoise part was planned to be the printed as per the collar, but I changed my mind as it might be too flowery.

The collar is a great design because it fakes the design on the real cheongsam without standing up and “strangling” the wearer.

chinese knots button

These Chinese knot buttons were handmade. If I were to name them, I’ll call them “please kill me”. They may look simple but were alot of trouble to make! I searched the Chinese web to find how to make and was sent all over the place without much success. Then I youtubed it, and bravo, got the video on how to make a celtic knot in a giffy. Yay, youtube! That was all I needed.

I saw such buttons selling at Chinatown when I was there last week. I wanted to buy but was hesitant cos I wasn’t sure about making Meimei’s dress yet. I’m just thankful it’s over. I don’t know how that original chinese blouse and pants was selling at SGD8 in Shanghai but I kowtow the tailor who made them.

girl's dress, chinese accent, 2T, chinese new year dress, children cheongsam

Dress…I love love LOVE this fabric. Beautiful, beauitful fabric.  It’s Bliss Paisley in Aqua by Bonnie and Camille. I bought them when my Dear was in US.

If clothe maketh a person, then I say this fabric maketh this dress. 🙂

My happy customer and the full dress view.  喜欢吗,妹妹? 喜欢啊?给钱!

The waistline I followed the dress in this post. She was very comfortable in that dress. Comfort is very important.



It’s not over yet, the armhole is a tad too small and I have to alter them. She asked to change out of it just now because of discomfort.  Also need to finish the inside seams…blueh..

Conclusion, I just made a Chinese accented dress using US designed fabric in a peranakan colour palette. How’s that for global integration? 🙂


Please visit my etsy shop Inagaki’s Shop for zakka sewing accessories fabric.

I have entered this dress in the Lil Blue Boo Design Challenge organised by Lil Blue Boo!

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Hello, I am an Ex Accountant, now investor. In crawling the internet, I came to realise the information gap between the East and West. This has caused much tension and misunderstanding on both sides. Being bilingual in English and Chinese, I thus task myself to close this gap. The world is undergoing a phenomenal change in this moment. China is at the episcentre of this change. It is super exciting to be part of this era. I hope to share more stock market news generated within China to interested parties so you can participate in this exciting ride as well. Here, I curate information gathered in the Chinese cyberspace, translate and present them in this space. Focus will be mainly in tech stocks. If there are particular areas you are interested in, you may also let me know. I may look into it.
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15 Responses to Meimei’s Chinese New Year Dress …

  1. UC says:






    • earthtone says:

      Thanks for your compliment. =) *轻飘飘*
      I dunno if you want the 2nd hand one, I dun wash so well leh..hahaha..
      Let’s see the condition again later ok?
      But if you have a girl later, you can buy the fabric and I make one for you. 🙂

      Thanks for the great support though. As for selling, I haven’t hatched a plan yet..Not so easy, so much work leh.. 😛 *lazy*

  2. Jess says:




    • earthtone says:

      好样的, Jesslyn! “我不怕!”

      也建议你买一些美国布来做。收贵多一点我想也有人买的。Seriously, I really think the fabric maketh the dress here.

  3. snowybabie says:

    mei mei so cute in the dress 🙂

  4. 湘绣蜻蜓 says:

    现在会用sewing machine的人已经很少了,很羡慕你咧!!

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  6. Joanna says:

    Hi there! I think your dress is darling and was hoping that you might add it to my Easter and Spring Linking Party to share with my readers. If you are interested, you can go here to enter. Thanks!

    • earthtone says:

      Hi Joanna, thanks for you invitation. I’d love to take part in a linking party, however this dress doesn’t seem to fit in with the Easter theme. I’d feel so out of place. You have a very nice blog, by the way..:)

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  8. nicole says:

    Love the fake collar- that is something that bugged my daughter last year, so I didn’t make her an outfit this year. Can I ask what pattern you took it from?

    Thanks so much- the dress is adorable and an inspiration!

    • earthtone says:

      Hi, Thanks so much for your compliment! =)
      I followed the design on an existing blouse, do not have a pattern.
      You may want to look at the pictures closely and figure it out.

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