Boat Reincarnation

In the new year, the  school has set up a new library and each student is to borrow and bring home one book each week. Today, Baobao brought home The Boat Book.

I suggested that he draws some of the boats in the book and he did so.

All went rather well and the pics turned out quite well. Until this.

It’s a very beautiful ferry boat, but there were quite too many details…

I was busy at the pc browsing vintage label images and he began to ask me how to spell certain words…I was looking to some sort of stories, which I would have enjoyed anyways. And then he showed me this…

children's art, cute, fun

He said that boat was too difficult to draw and it looked like a bear. Papa and I were however of the opinion that his bear looks like yet something else.

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One Response to Boat Reincarnation

  1. 双喜妈妈 says:

    LOL….boat=dog, dog=boat.

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