Rainy Season

I really cannot remember the last time we say this phrase. I might be too busy with my life, but ever since some time ago, the phrase had kinda faded into memory.

Mainly because I vaguely remember there hadn’t been a significant rainy/monsoon season in the recently years. Not the very distinct ones we had when I was in school.

We are caught off guard by this, the cold weather. Our house is not cold proof at all. We have tiled floors, not much upholstery and no rug. Of course, there’s no such thing as a heater in this part of the world.

The only comfort of being at home is we are not in the rain. It’s a little less cold, but still so so cold. In a way I cannot remember in recent years.

And then there is the fog. Misty fog that blocks our view of the city, that lightens the colour of the tress just a few kilometres from us. So not Singapore.

But the air has been washed clean and crisp.

The new year stalls, which sell new year goodies are compaining that the rain is keeping the crowd away. As a run up to Chinese New Year this coming Thrusday, it should be bustling with activities, but the takings have decreased.

We know, because we have things to get for New Year preparations but are so not going out into the cold rain.

The coffee shop below, however, is enjoying very brisk sale. It was buzzing warm in there when I went to get our dinner just now. There’s no way to get anything from the tze char stall because the queue was crazy. My Dear specifically instructed that if the queue was long, I should buy something else. When I arrived, there was almost a congregation surrounding the stall!

Crowd is a scary thing to me. It means scarcity so it scares me.

There’s a covered linkway from the grocery shop to the flats and on rainy days, this precious 2m wide covered linkway becomes a breeding ground for dispute. Just today alone, we witnessed 2 spates of quarrels.

Cars/taxis park under it and block pedestrains from crossing the road. For their own convenience of getting in and out of the car, covered, they stop underneath it and block the pedestrain crossing. The was a quarrel in the afternoon, and just now, when I returned with packets of dinner, a taxi also invited an uncle’s wreath.

He was trying to make a three point turn right under the linkway while there were 5-6 of us trying to cross the road under the cover in that big rain. So the uncle besides me uttered,

“KNNBACB, let us cross first lah!”

LOL. Way to go, Uncle. Damn it, who needs a damn covered linkway above him to make a three point turn WHILE HE”S INSIDE THE CAR DRIVING??!


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2 Responses to Rainy Season

  1. Youlgo says:

    knnbacb…I think I can make out the word!

  2. earthtone says:

    haha .. I’m sure you can. It’s shortened so that this remains a family blog.

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