A Very Very Sad Story

I went into the etsy forum looking for something(I have forgotten what) only to read a very very sad story here -http://community.etsy.com/uncategorized/our-hearts-go-out-to-a-long-time-etsian

A fellow etsian, Cindy Boardman, lost her 11yo and 10 pets to a house fire. The community in her neighbourhood and Etsy rally strongly for her. In a news report, it said her son was alive when first saved by firefighters. Their dogs barking led the firefighters to him. All 4 dogs died in the blaze. This just sent me crying like crazy.

Not going to tell the whole story because it just seem weird or capitalising on it in a way. I just needed to write a post to let out my grief. It’s impossible to imagine the pain from the loss and all words just seem too shallow to express the profound grief I feel for this family. From one mother to another.

In buddhism, it says we are all actually ONE. I can only hope that my grieving for her helps lighten it for her it some way.

We can help the family by donating here. http://helpinghearts.bigcartel.com/how-to-donate.

I only wish I can bring him back.




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