Baobao’s Cranio Review

After a span of  3 years, we were back at the Craniofacial Centre for Baobao’s review yesterday.

There was a slight weight in me before that. I remember strolling into the clinic 5 years ago, “knowing” there was nothing wrong with my Baobao and had thunder struck me when being informed he had to go under the knife for craniosynostosis.

So, even though he looks perfectly normal, or growing very well to me. I still had this lump in my throat about meeting the doctor.

The Centre is a lot more busier now, even abit crowded. With children running around, it was noisy. We waited for quite some time and got in. I was not sure if Dr Yeow would remember us. He did. He felt Baobao’s head, commented it’s a little bit long but generally okay. He needed to see a scan before he confirmed it’s ok. I asked when do we need to scan, thinking it’s the detailed CT scan like before. But now they use a simpler scan, like a rotational xray thing. So we coulod do the test right after the consultation.

The doctor also said by primary school time he should be almost ok because the skull shape/head growth is almost completed.

We had the scan later and BB was cleared of significant abnormalies. So YIPPEE!

I roughly think he’s ok. Just that from previous exprience, apparently, it’s not enough that I think so. hehe.

There were 3 signs that directed me back to the centre again. First while searching for info on for his primary school entrance. I met one other cranio patient parent whose child is a year older. She sent me her child’s picture and her head shape is significantly more out of shape than Baobao. It also affected her eyes, and speech, if I remembered correctly. The parent advised me to send BB back for review just to be safe.

Then I met a relative during CNY whose son sees the same doctor for cleft lip . She too bore the same advice.

Then we saw a Tv series about plastic surgery which featured conditions like Baobao and cleft lips, and saw Dr Yeow on it.

So, I guess all signs pointed to go again.

I was thinking if nothing then mah waste time. Go see the doctor, let him touch abit, spent $160 for the scan just to confirm it’s ok. But surprisingly his father sees very open about it! I said wow spent $260 for the whole thing. He said, “nevermind, it’s good to be cleared”.

Wait…where is my reimbursement for the consultation fee, Mr Dear? No wonder nevermind HOR!

Anyway, one thing cleared. And the Dear is right. No qualms about money spent.

Just it sets me thinking, remembering the extra $99 I forked out for sewing machine insurance, how much do we spend these days trying to get an extra peace of mind.

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2 Responses to Baobao’s Cranio Review

  1. UC says:

    it was the right thing to do, even if it cost a bit.

    i wanna say i can relate to your feeling, though maybe to an extent i don’t quite have the qualification to say so comparing the severity. the lil’ hole in ryan’s heart, albeit small, will always be a 隐忧 of mine until the day it fills up. will it ever fill up? no one knows … even though he is growing beautifully, the worry will always be there.

    i am glad that you can finally close this chapter and move on. that’s a great thing. =)

  2. Youlgo says:


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