Out of Sorts

Been out of sort since the first day of Chinese New Year.

First there were the many preparations (decor and reunion dinner and angbaos), then the tiring visiting for a couple of days, end of which it’s the time of my month and I might as well lie down for those few days (add some drips too, thank you). – which I couldn’t of course.

I was a lil better after the those few days. So I thought I had better take some nourishments to prevent the same walking corpse effect come next month. I regularly take a chinese medicine bazhen 八珍 to help replenish those lost blood. But to my amazement, prices seem to have shot up for this product. While I used to get a packet for S$3.50, it’s about $4.95 now!

Took a couple of days of casual browsing and then I just went with DOM. I still have two bottles from my confinement with Meimei. Never like the taste.

First night it was a real boost. Such warming effect I felt as if I could conquer the world.

So on the second night I took a little more, like a lil less than half a rice bowl (abt 30-40ml?)

Hell broke lose.

My heart beat very fast and I was shortbreathe. So I quickly went to sleep. And woke up the next morn with a slight hangover.

And hives. Like what I had during confinement. Had itchy hives for about 1.5 years after my confinement. Only went away when we went to US last year.

So been waiting it out for a few days for the effect to wear off before I dare touch any tonics, bazhen inclusive.

Prepared so much for CNY, in the end, only 1 neighbour came visiting! So I have to eat up the tit bits myself..

Which was how I ended up super DUPER hot and dry now, with a super dry cough. So dry there’s no liquid to manufacture phlegm in my body.

It doesn’t help I’ve been BALLOONING like crazy. So much so my hubby wants to gift me a slimming package for my birthday present. Ask me if I dare get on any scale now.

Aside from better etsy sale, this new year has been quite taxing on health..

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2 Responses to Out of Sorts

  1. 双喜妈妈 says:

    I wanna know what the weight management will talk about.

  2. earthtone says:

    excercise and diet/nutrition. what else?

    need ah…for health reason, not young already
    my BMI like all the prices – Up up and AWAY!
    and with fatness comes all the illness – diabeties(sp?)/high blood pressure, heart problem. so no play.

    will share.

    but go hospital good because there’s someone to jaga you so you will listen abit..
    else absolutely, utterly no self discipline at all.

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