A Standstill

Life’s been a standstill for me since Chinese New Year ended.

I haven’t done much to the shop or this blog.

Been taking my meds religiously and I am feeling alot better the past couple of days. Thank you to the Great One for good health!

First the children, the chores, the celebrations, then the illness. it seems there forever is something standing between me and my shop. Anyways, I hope I can slowly start engine again after all these.

But, it’s a stark reminder that I have only so much time in a day and I can’t forcefully squeeze in too much. Those many late nights have contributed to the recent health decline. I think I have a certain self preservation mode inside that stops me from working too hard. and this was in force of late.


Before my birthday, my Dear had been talking about a DSLR for a few days. Kind of like a present for both of us, since our bds are 4 days apart. (btw he hit his BIG 40 this year! Wanted to celebrate big but couldn’t get to it. I think everyone should celebrate their birthdays every year very seriosuly, to show how thankful we are to live a year more!)

Anyways, we looked for a while, it was between a Canon 550d/nikon D90.

Did not buy eventually, ’cause I haven’t been taking pictures lately. The present compact camera has a horrible battery life! Just 2 days. And it’s very slow so I dun get to photograph children in action well. But still life it’s good! This was taken with the camera :-

Not bad at all isn’t it? for a U$199 camera. I only wish the battery life is longer and the focusing is faster. If only…

But I had a strong urge to own something else after looking at a person’s watercolour pictures. So the next day, we went out to get this.

But someone else is more excited than I am..

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