Goldilocks and The Three Bears

While I was preparing dinner, Baobao took a pencil and paper and told me he’s going to write a Goldilocks story for Meimei to read. In my mind I prepared to be supplying much of the spelling. How many words does he knwo to write a story?

But  I stood back and let him do his thing, supplying some spellings when asked. Surprisingly not too many, probably 20% of all the words. And I had this :-

I cannot tell you how immensely proud I am of this work. At 5, he has the patience to sit through the whole piece of writing and word out the story. It’s fantastic! I asked him how come the chairs are not in the story, he said this was his version ( and he’s sticking to it ;)) .It’s laden with grammar and spelling mistakes, which I will correct him later. But it’s such a raw piece of beauty which I deem worth sharing in a blog and documenting.

When he gets older, this will be such a precious piece to show him how it all began.

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One Response to Goldilocks and The Three Bears

  1. 双喜妈妈 says:

    *鼓掌*哥哥很厉害,比两个姐姐厉害多了,姨妈妈也感到很骄傲 ^_^

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