I’m so glad to say my energy has returned !!! Yipee !

My, it’s been a month of floating about like a ghost and it wasn’t great at all. I’m feeling much better after taking a course of Chinese medicine and it’s time to eat my own words.

I have to confess this medicine was prescripted to me by the same Eu Yan Sang physician whom I had dissed once in the past. ( I’m not able to link back to my own previous post because when I typed 中医 in the search box above, it says there’s nothing. $$%#^$#^%$#%^)

Anyway, back then, I declared the TCM physicians I brought Baobao to see at the Sembawang branch were no good. Because they did not pay attention or ask questions when doing their diagnosis.

Two weeks ago, I went to see one of them. I sat down and gave a brief description of my symptoms and I don’t know what clicked, but I could feel very connected to the physician suddenly.  Aside from a very dry cough, I couldn’t convey what’s wrong with me. After feeling my pulse and seeing my tongue, he concluded I was too weak. Yeah, in TCM, illness dun neccessary have a “name” per say. I just felt like my ‘chi’ wasn’t functioning correctly. When he said I was weak, somehow I felt like we were on the same wavelength there.

And sure enough, the prescription worked so well.  It gave me very good sleep for a couple of nights, AND afternoon. I have seldom felt so rejuvenated after a night’s sleep. I normally wake up several times in the night to go to the loo. But while on the meds, I slept through the nights. Sleeping through the nights = Oh HEAVENS!

So here I am, ready to beat some tigers now. Mainly to get back to my business. So lagging behind.

For starters, I cleaned up my accounting. Wait, I mean  AM CLEANING UP. *ashamed*paiseh* to say I haven’t been keeping records for the business so far. It’s been it being my child, what’s mine’s hers and what’s hers is mine. But this has to stop. There’s a lot of hidden costs in a business and when you finally sit down to add them up. Goodness! I could be subsidising the business instead of making money from it!

Ironic because Mdm Moi was an accountant – and a costing one at that. It takes me some time to clean this up. Mainly because business hadn’t quite picked up until the last 2 months and before that not enough business, count count count, count simi gui! So anyways, I think now’s a good time to set up the system and hopefully this year will show a good record.

I’m not pimping on the goodness of accounting because it’s my profession (ex) but, once those records get straigthened out, MY, it’s like you wipe clean your pair of goggles and suddenly things become very clear. I realise my not listing many items in my inventory is going to cost me my buisness. I still have many items not listed and if this goes on, while I order more new stock. I am SO going to die.

Many times, I suspect “having an etsy shop” is just an excuse for me to buy buy buy buy. heh.

No heh. Not funny.

Ok see you soon. Gotta go make dinner.





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3 Responses to I’m BAAAAAACK, WORLD!

  1. 双喜妈妈 says:

    Welcome back……err……write more post?

  2. youlgo says:

    erh…i thought u are back? no update? hehe

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