The Tigers Ate Me Again

Aiks, so sorry. With such a forceful proclamation in the last post, I fizzled off into nothingness on this blog again. Thanks to Youlgo for leaving a comment to poke me awake.

So many things are going on in my life. I have not even been doing much at the shop. Last major episode being yesterday when I was sick to almost being bedbound in the afternoon, leaving the children running wild in the sitting room for the whole afternoon and having instant noodles for dinner. Sick due to going on a whirlwind visit to my mom’s place in KL for 3 days and being rained on while we tried to get on the budget airplane. If you dunno how it works, basically you are given an umbrella and then do the running to the aircraft yourself.

The trip was great, spending time with my parents and Maxwell, Twinsmom‘s little son.

That’s my second sis with Baobao. I dun even want to stand beside these beautiful people cause it’s depressing to see the comparison.

We met up with Twinsmom for a couple of meals and it was really great. Trip is not too long so we dun tax my parents out. They are not any younger now. That’s why I planned it so short.

In a twist of events, and I got to make soap again! (You notice it’s nothing twisty about it, only my twisted way of writing to invoke some shock and awe)  It was great to do it again. We used up all the soaps I was left with from my handmade soap business (ALOT). And my Dear and I love these soaps so much I’ve been wanting to get some. But as you know they dun sell cheap. So I’ve been itching to make some since a long time ago. This time, I had a little time so I sneaked in some soap making. It was very plain sunflower oil soap. LOVELY~~~

Anyway, it’s been one thing after another. I’ve been staying up late till 2.00am for the shop. So that’s eating into my health. I probably have to go really slow from now. That said, I still got to make a bag the day before.

I’ve been trying to match up my kitchen fabric with something for the longest time. And I found it at Kamdar at IOI Puchong, Malaysia during the trip.

Isn’t it such a pretty red and blue checks fabric. This goes perfectly with the kitchen fabric. The funny thing was I was browsing for SO LONG in the shop, looking at other fabrics. And when I was to check out, I casually grab this one to go, just so I’m buying more (dun ask me what logic that is, impulse buying I guess). I ended up loving this fabric so much. But it was in front of me for so long and I didn’t appreciate it until I bought it and brought it home. Kind of like courtship yah..? hehe. Like when a pretty girl stands among many other pretty girls you can’t notice her beauty.

Anyways, after some sewing..(I even tried to document a tutorial on it.)

There. Have yet to take a good decent pic out of it. Will be listing it on etsy later.


The children fun continues on a daily basis. So the other day Meimei came to the computer and told me she’s been a good girl and tidying things up. In all earnestness she told me

“Mommy I’m a good girl I helped you tidy up the drawing table..”

“Oh really? That’s a good girl” I said, only half believing ’cause right now, her name is more likely tagged to messing up than tidying up.

Later when I entered the room,

“Huh. Where, Meimei?”

I zoomed in here and asked again.  “So messy, what did you tidy, Meimei?”

She pointed to the drawing table. “There..”

“Oh…ok.. good girl Meimei…”

So cute the stack.

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