Getting back to Work

With that, I mean working at Earthtone, Inc. Not going into the workforce, in case anyone thinks so.

Now that my cold is out of the way, with some coughs left.

I can’t believe this took the whole week from me.  And it’s Baobao’s school holidays. Poor kid had been running around our home for most of this holiday. I’d have brought them out to the playgrounds or park more, if I hadn’t been sick.

So many things to do, but first, I think I should just come to the blog and make an appeal for Japan, no matter how late or cliche and tired this may sound to you. Because it made me cry reading the papers today.

All the calm and composure we saw on the news gave little clue about the dire state they are in now. Many tsunami-affected areas are still cut off from relief. With shortages in food, medical supplies, water and most importantly, in a cold cold weather – heating fuel, people are going through extreme hardships now.

I am thrown back to a couple of weeks ago when our temperature here went to 24degree celcius and I screamed murder due to the lack of cold proofing in our tropical home. Cold is so no fun at all.

These poor people are enduring much worse. Zero degrees and just blankets to shield them. So I plead you to pray for them. Hold them dearly in your thoughts, surround them with strong warm yellow light and imagine that soon, relief aid of water, food and fuel will reach the needys in every part of the stricken area.

Yes they are rich and yes they are resilient. But no matter how strong the Japanese are, they still need our love and support now. From one human to another, let us all rally around them.

So, wherever you are from, please do a little to help the Japanese. Be it praying for them or donating money.   

Save the accepts paypal donation. Pls see more detail on their site.

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4 Responses to Getting back to Work

  1. Youlgo says:


    • earthtone says:

      Some moms think their babies can only take ONE kind of formula. Actually most babies are open to more than one type of formulae. Bo bian…mommies always super gan cheong

      • youlgo says:

        i don’t know wether ppl read the news that food from japan found containminated with radiation..wonder mums will still fight for formula…sigh

  2. earthtone says:

    It’s kinda weird how fast the radiation has travelled isn’t it? I’m sure what they have in a can now is safe. Which is why they are stumbling over themselves to get the last existing “clean” cans.

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