No More Milky Way

I was brimming with envy when Twinsmom announced that she has stopped breastfeeding Maxwell. It was so ABRUPT. You mean, just like that?

Only a few days before I have twittered about still being imprisoned by Meimei’s breastfeeding. She was nursing to sleep in the afternoon, and would not let me off. Once I laid her down, she’d fuss.

On 9th March, I tried my luck with Meimei, without much of any expectation, really. How could it be so easy? She’s been breastfeeding for the whole full 30 months by then.

So that afternoon, when she wanted to sleep, I held her in my arms and talked to her.

“You are not a baby anymore, you cannot chweet chweet.” She cried.

“You are getting big and heavy. My arms are hurting by carrying you.” True story.

“Didi (Maxwell) is younger than you are and he does not chweet chweet anymore. You are MUCH older, you should stop too.”

She cried, in a very melancholic way. Poor thing, my heart went out to her.

But she heard me. After crying for a while, she fell asleep, without nursing.

That began it all. As at today she’s been off the breast for about 12 days. She did ask for it about 2 times in between and I relented. But saved those 2 times, I am happy to declare that Meimei is officially off breastfeeding at 30th month.

That’s is. After 30 long months. It was gruelling, especially the beginning…sitting through the evening 7-11pm for 4 hours with her on the breast. Everyday. And on the nights when I was not feeling well, somehow she’d nursed more. I dunno why.

Slowly as it reached its last stage, it became more and more of a burden/nuisance, since the strong need is not existent anymore. So glad it’s over.

So, it’s at last ended. My first and last breastfeeding experience. I’m also glad I gave Meimei a great gift. 🙂

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