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Singapore General Elections 2011 – Why I would vote for PAP.

When the smoke all began, my thoughts were, ” What a great time to call for an election for the incumbent party. The economy is booming. The ruling party will win by a huge margin.” I said to my Dear, … Continue reading

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First brush with watercolour

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Shopping for a tablet

I’ve been sitting at my pc for too long in the past year that I have bum ache these days just sitting here. Something too, about the new position of  our computer table is not quite right. I bought a … Continue reading

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Flash of Brilliance

Meimei was sitting besides me at the computer table, fidgeting with chair. Suddenly there was tears in her eyes and she looked scared. I realised she was stuck in the hole at the back of the chair while climbing through … Continue reading

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Meimei’s First Well Formed Doodle

Meimei is 31 months old now, going to 3 in a couple of months. She’s been doodling along with Baobao for the longest time but with no true form. She’d come to me and ask me to ask her draw … Continue reading

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New Cranio Appointment

We are suppose to go back next year Feb, but I’m afraid we have to go again soon. Baobao’s complaining of tightness on the top of his head lately. He can’t explain, just says he needs to knock on a … Continue reading

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我在嗮衣服的时候妹妹在一旁帮忙。 她看着洗衣机很好奇。“妈咪,我可以按这里吗?”她指着上面的一个按钮。 我查看插头没开电,就跟她说“可以”。说完又弯下腰去,从洗衣机拿衣服上来嗮。 她看见我,说:“我等一下在按。” 我问:“做麽呢?” 她说:“因为要等你的手拿出来先。。” 她竟然可以抑制自己爆发的好奇心而优先考虑我的安全,让我为之动容。她才两岁半呀,有时真怀疑有个大人住在小小身躯里。

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