I Love Etsy

If you look at my sales, it’s kind of slow.
But I’m loving etsy so much.

For one, I dun have enough time to do it. When business
was brisk in February, I was hoping it would slow down, because I got anxious
trying to keep up with the packing and listings.

Now, the pace is slow, but I can’t complain. It gives me back whatever I put in.
Not having enough time to do it, this is about the right pace to go.

Not to mention the customers I meet are mostly very nice. as compared to the people
I met at ebay. Those were mostly callous and rude.

It feels great to sell something, sometimes, not just because of the business aspect, but the fun
of knowing someone else like the things I like. It’s immense gratification. Just 2 sales ago,
I was thinking of giving more free gifts to thank them for coming to my shop. But
then, I realise there’s a better way to repay my customers.

I believe as a retailer, my job is to help customer find beautiful things. So, to repay them
I will work harder to source pretty stuffs and list more items. So that’s my motivation..

Did you notice I dun mention about finances…haha..this shop at best is recreational for now.
I am mulling over sending meimei to half day childcare to have more me time. Then I can afford more time.

So, people may look at my half past six shop and wonder what’s my thrill about it, I’d say it’s the
joy of meeting like-minded people and being able to go at my own pace.

Etsy’s way cool!

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2 Responses to I Love Etsy

  1. jacqueline says:

    Congrats on winning the contest! I love your work.

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