Flash of Brilliance

Meimei was sitting besides me at the computer table, fidgeting with chair. Suddenly there was tears in her eyes and she looked scared.

I realised she was stuck in the hole at the back of the chair while climbing through it.

I rescued her out, and asked what if I couldn’t get her out?

”鲁朵我不能出来的话,你就叫fireman 来救我咯“ (You can call the fireman to save me out)

I hadn’t expect her to know the exact authority to call for help in this situation and was quite surprised by her reply.


We were on the bus going to a nearby place.

Baobao talked about how he enjoys a ride on a double decker or a long bendy bus.

We must have talked about why we needed these buses –  to carry more passengers. And then he went on to mutter something … which I only began noticing when he was in the middle of it. He said,

“How do you decide when to use which bus? When you are on a route with a lot of trees, you use the long bendy bus.. And when you use a route with many turns, you use the double decker..”  

Lot of trees will hinder the tall double decker – so use bendy bus. Many turns doesn’t favour a long vehicle – so use double decker.

Of course there are realities like if you use a double decker, you will make sure the branches are out of the way…but I like his basic logic. It’s wonderful to hear something like that fresh from the kid’s head.

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5 Responses to Flash of Brilliance

  1. Youlgo says:


    • earthtone says:

      If there are a lot of trees on the bus route, you use the long bus. As it is not as tall as the double decker, the bus will not hit tree branches. 😛

      If there are alot of turns on the bus route, you use the double decker as it is not so long so it will not encounter the difficulty in turning like the long bendy bus.

      Clearer? Sorry, I did not explain well.

      • Youlgo says:


      • earthtone says:

        两个人说听不懂应该是我的问题吧。。,嘿嘿,不要自责。成绩不好都做不成医生的。It’s me..hehe

  2. 双喜妈妈 says:


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