Shopping for a tablet

I’ve been sitting at my pc for too long in the past year that I have bum ache these days just sitting here. Something too, about the new position of  our computer table is not quite right. I bought a new chair, but my bum still hurts.

I don’t know the exact reason why. I could be spending too much time sitting at night. My Dear says I’m too fat and heavy. But surely if I’m too fat the fats woulda provided some buffer right? I don’t know. I need an ipad, or some device I can use while sitting in the comfort of the bed or sofa.

That began my hunt for the tablet.

And Oh my gosh. My head still whirls from it all.

I didn’t want to get into the deep end of it at first, what with all the 1000 specs in one device. There are a few models I was looking at so make it x times 1000 specs. I wanted to just get the ipad and go.

As luck would have it, the ipad 2 is just launched! But it has not touched Singapore shore, I had waited and waited for about 2 millenia weeks and still the shadow of the aeroplane that ships it here is nowhere in sight.

It’s scary shopping for a tech gadget out there. Just plain scary. How do you match the one million specs to your user consumption pattern? Oh and add the myraid of data plans available from our 3 thousand phone companies. I firmly believe they should include a pack of paracetamol when you finally get your gadget. That’s good customer service.

It’s overwhelming.

And the tablet market, after being in it for 2 weeks, is bubbling over from the hotness of it. I asked the salesperson, ” Are your tablets flying off the shelves?” He said it had been crazy.  New tablets from different brands come in almost every week. I had my eyes on a Samsung Galaxy tab on Saturday, they told me it’s the last piece. Today I went again, that was gone. Conclusion? Alot of people are having bum aches like me.

And I took the final display set. heh – just to add on to the craziness. I had waited loooooooooooooooooooong enough – two whole weeks. They told me the next generation of galaxy tab is coming in. I don’t care. I don’t care if the great grand son generation is coming out tonight. Give this AUNTIE her tablet



The salesperson couldn’t hide the jubilance in his voice when he asked his colleague who was serving me, “Even the demo set is sold? What am I left to sell?”  

When I set up my wi-fi, I will be loggin in from there. See ya then!

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2 Responses to Shopping for a tablet

  1. Youlgo says:


  2. earthtone says:

    Iphone 很前卫好不好?
    如果不是屁股痛我还愿意窝在我的desktop pc 的山洞里。嘻。

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