I have an order for wristlets..

My high school classmate is kind of like a dream customer. When I posted my handmade items on facebook, she had inquired about buying the wristlets from me. I wasn’t ready then, so I asked her to wait.

She joined my facebook fan page for Inagaki’s Shop and recently asked me again. She’s ordering 8 wristlets for her kids’ teachers for Teachers’ Day.

I was still hesitant when she asked me this time. Frankly I don’t have much time, and am still agonising over not enough time for the shop. To me the market price of the wristlet does not quite compensate for my time. But since she asked again, thought I should just try.

I agonised over what to charge her. I can’t charge too much of course. If regular pouch makers sell their similar pouches at this price, my pouch can’t be much more expensive. But my TIME. I really value my time so much. This has been the main reason why I hadn’t started selling any handmade things so far. I’ve been trying and trying for the past 2 months ever since the tigers stopped chasing me but I just couldn’t squeeze the Shop in.

Many days I feel guilty for not keeping the shop lively with more listings and the fan page with more postings.  Until one day I reasoned with myself. I’m doing a full time job as at home.  Unless I sleep at 2am everyday, it just can’t work out. That alleviates some of the guilt.

Anyway, I hope the sewing goes smoothly. Wish me luck. Sewing is not unlike cooking, sometimes when you are down on luck, you make the ugliest stitches even with utmost care.

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