Switchin to Bloggers..

WordPress is making me pull my hair out. I can’t specifically pinpoint what, but it’s been driving me crazy sometimes. Like every few days the control change places or edit visual it shows you html, edit html it shows you …rubbish..something.

Find one 风和日丽的晚上, I’m switching over to blogspot again. BLUEH!

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3 Responses to Switchin to Bloggers..

  1. Youlgo says:


  2. UC says:


    • earthtone says:

      主要wordpress的control最近真的让我狂抓。 尤其你去dashboard, 那些旁边的controls 全部被 new post 的格子盖住,看不见。气死。 然后就是html 和visual 的两个view有时又神神经经。

      blogger 进步很多了。而且在博客的设计上比较自由。但是呵,如果它本身的页面、dashboard 设计的可以更美一点我会赶快跳过去!:P

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