Children’s Art

Meimei’s Colouring @ 32 months

No, this was not entirely done by her. I wasn’t looking, and Baobao helped. According to him, he coloured the hair. Meimei did, for sure the fairy’s red top and the little oragne circles on her wings.

I did watch her when she coloured the pink top. I was very impressed that she kept within the lines. If there be a World 2 year olds Colouring ranking, I’m sure she ranks in the top 10.

Oh pardon this mommy, it’s my same old theory – fun of seeing something from nothing. I just dun get over that part. I’m impressed everytime when I see new skills developing from


This bus was drawn by Baobao. We like to use his drawing as a base, and then re-outline them, and colour it. I coloured this one on the computer using watercolour brushes on a wacom tablet. I especially love the pictures coming out of his hands. Something about the crooked lines, so unpretentious, unintentional, childish, and innocent. There’s often no perspective in his drawings but they are still so beautiful to me.

Here’s a picture of a boy with an incomplete head because he drew the picture starting from the robot and finally ran out of space.

A very nice truck.

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