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The Funny thing is …I had always been anti-government

until this time. I seriously have never remembered myself saying much nice things for my government. This was for the election in 2006 This was my angry piece on public transport This was my expert opinion on what Singapore should … Continue reading

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Some daily pics

These are pics from my tab, dun look too bad do they? I love taking pictures of my baby sleeping…maybe in a way like, Thank goodness you guys are sleeping! Reading at the library today…love the relax feel of it, … Continue reading

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没有什么红星大奖,金马奖,或部长级百万薪金。只不过路人的一个无心赞美,就足以让我开心。 早上带宝宝去学校见老师途中,给孩子吃糖果。经过公园,妹妹自己跑向垃圾桶,把糖果纸丢进垃圾桶。 两个老人看见,赞不绝口。 A: 这么小就会找垃圾桶丢纸, 真聪明! B: 是啊, 这种就是妈妈教得好, 家教好 很重要。 老人应该是有意讲给我听的。我不好意思, 快步走开。 (老人会不会想: 哇, 刚刚才赞她,也不答应一下,真没礼貌!) 心里乐滋滋的。宝宝没有听见一切,可是我们上了一段梯级,他的糖果也吃完了,也自动跑去丢进垃圾桶。 一个平时酱简单的动作,突然让我觉得很骄傲。 图为学校外的游乐场。

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