Some daily pics

These are pics from my tab, dun look too bad do they?


I love taking pictures of my baby sleeping…maybe in a way like, Thank goodness you guys are sleeping!


Reading at the library today…love the relax feel of it, where they take off their shoes, sit around and also right on that path, blocking people who want to walk through the shelves…wakakaka…


Ooops where are the chop sticks? This was supposed to be a pic of him using chopsticks. I have shunned teaching him for the longest time because of the mess it’ll make. Thank goodness a delicious bowl of noodles did the job. Only then I realised he actually could use them!image

Sengkang Swimming complex. We had a wonderful time there last Sunday. Can you see the pink and green slide at the back.Yup, I got on there twice and had a whale of a time sliding down and screaming away. Felt so alive,  to be active again.

Speaking of which. I also realise one great advantage of being fat. You know what? That is when you are quite fat, you just need to get active for about 4 days in a row and the result immediately SHOWS. I just feel a looser waistline today after a very active past 4/5 days.  


This was Chong Pang. Couple bus stops from our place. Very nice, and down to earth mom and pop neighbourhood.image

Chilly crab.hmmm abit small the crabs, so not so shiok. Somehow my taste buds been craving strong taste of late. That even with this chilli crab it didn’t quite satisfy me. 


Ahhh…some affection from ah ma, tucking in a cup of chin chow ( grass jelly)

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3 Responses to Some daily pics

  1. LihLih says:

    MeiMei is just sooo happy with large coke yea…
    Glad to see both of them healthy and active =)

  2. LihLih says:

    You’re welcome =)
    Reading post about you and your children really made my day ^________^
    Update more …加油

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