The Funny thing is …I had always been anti-government

until this time.

I seriously have never remembered myself saying much nice things for my government.

This was for the election in 2006

This was my angry piece on public transport

This was my expert opinion on what Singapore should focus on.

Here I told them to relax.

Quoting from Election in 2006, they always resort to some kind of underhand like methods in the previous elections. So right from the beginning of this election, I promoted Worker’s Party, expecting the PAP to play cheat again.

Surprisingly, they had been played quite fair this time, never resort to personal attacks suing the opposition. Not much to complain for me – if you compare this to their past records.. Even the press has suddenly become less bias in its reporting. There is a very obvious change in the way they report.

When the sound of bashing grew too big on the internet however, I couldn’t stand it anymore. It’s one thing to compain about or quarrel with your father. But when your siblings begin to talk about throwing him out, that’s when the alarm bells went off. I guess you can say our government represent us. When you criticise it too much, it becomes an attack on us and our way of life..

And in a sort of political awakening for me, I begin to understand the reason behind all that unfair treatment of the opposition partiy members in the past. Opposing political views, like race and religion, divide people. Once on different sides, people become more and more polarised, and sometimes, never closing the gap again. It is as bad as race and religion divide. There are probably more established systems in Europe Scandinavian countries where the political parties work together for a country good. But most examples across the world, fighting parties spend more time politicking than getting work done.

With a more educated AND mature electorate, yes we can have more voices. But going by what I have heard from the internet, we are still a long way off, from having civil political discussions.

So coming out of this election, I have my eyes opened in trying to see things from our old minister Lee Kwan Yew’s point of view. And realise what he did for the country…That’s what I take away from this election.

But somehow, deep down inside, I can’t help but suspect it’s in the intention of some high level people in the government to want the election to go this way- to invoke change. And to get the people to be more resiponsible in shaping policies and our future…

It’s a good thing.

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