Complaint Letter To the World Fridge Manufactuer Association

Dear Chairman of the World Fridge Manufactuer Association,

I write to OBJECT vehemently the dearth of vintage-styled refrigerators made by YOUR industry.

First, abit of context. Last night my son played with the fridge door and left it ajar for the whole night. When I woke up in the morning, the fridge motor was making a loud noise and it looks like it will not survive long. In preparation of its imminent demise, we decided to start looking for a new refridgerator.

With a mind to simultaneously have a fridge to keep our food fresh AND to beautify our room, we decide to try looking for vintage-styled fridge. We found them, at Tangs Superstore, Singapore.

First SMEG


Then we also spotted Bosch :-

OMG somebody please hand me some ointment now, I think I’m gonna faint…

I guess at this point you must be wondering what I want to complain about?

Well let me tell you, these two fridge cost a BOMB, er … 2 bombs to be really precise . They are both in the range of SGD 2200-2300! Our old fridge was SGD 700 ten years. We can buy 3 at this price.

But we are paying for the style! you say. Wait, that’s what I’m coming to next.

Because most of YOUR manufacturers make fridges like these : –    

we are left NO choice but to pay a premium if we need something less conventional like the retro fridges. Whoose fault?


Why is the industry led by you making all box-shaped fridge with metallic colours? With superficial emphasis on saving energy and being CFC free? Really, who, in their right mind in this world, cares about energy-saving and CFC free fridges ? Why is the industry led by you getting all its priorities wrong?

Ok, I admit I let my anger get the better of me over this and let me calm down for a while.

My point is. Even though saving energy and being CFC-free, or optimal space utilisation are important considerations when designing your fridges, can’t you just squeeze in aesthetics just so it will please this segment of the market?

Surely there are a bunch of people out there who’d love a vintage fridge without needing to pay for their exhorbitant prices? (Nevermind that SMEG sells for SGD 4,250 in Taiwan and SGD 3,550 in China. 😛 )

While I may not be able to convince you to get more makers to make vintage fridge so that I can buy them cheaper in time, I hope I have brought the matter to your attention and may I urgently urge you to urge your makers to give more attention to the aesthetics of fridges.

I leave you last,  with an image of vintage fridge to strengthen my call.

Thank you for reading this letter.

Yours faithfully,


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9 Responses to Complaint Letter To the World Fridge Manufactuer Association

  1. Youlgo says:

    普通冰箱新币多少啊?我们之前买的stainless steel纽币1300。纽币和新币差不多一样价位。原来还有红色的啊。

    • earthtone says:


      • Youlgo says:


  2. earthtone says:

    So agree, Youlgo!

    It’s one of the most romantic things to do, to plan with your future spouse how to decorate your new home. So full of dreams. But all that give way later to practicality and financial considerations. Especially when you are setting up home, so many things to buy and it all build up to a big amount.

    When baby comes along, it’s all about baby proofing.

    Many years later, looking around the house, one wonders where all those dreams have gone to. 最后发现原来如果不是有点钱有点闲,那些漂亮的设计周刊还是少看为妙。

    But one of the reasons why I feel it’s a good time for us to get one now because it’s 1 item now so the finance part should be more manageable.

  3. Youlgo says:


  4. UC says:


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