We made SGD1,600!



In the end, we bought the silver one for sgd 600. So cheeeeep hoho. .

There was also a red one.

Even though it is opaque red and not metallic red as i disliked, something about its shade wasn’t quite right. In an”i’m kind of vain and obiang” kind of way. So pass.

As for the chosen one, although it’s no retro, i still like it for its smoothness.

This morning i still had some wee struggle left for the retro fridges. Yes we shd, no we shan’t. Yes we shd, no we shan’t.

But when i was at Gain City, faced with rows and rows of decent fridges in the price range of 300-1200, all of my last hesitations fell away. Of course there are also those 3 to 4000 ones, but they’re like super duper cold storage optimus prime two doors can hide your secret lover in it kind of fridges, no need for them and not in that league.

So call me a traitor of vintage fridge fans, but that cutie casing just ain’t worth 1600 to me. No way.

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