A restaurant


After visiting the RSAF Open House last weekend, we went to a place to cure our hunger.


This is Food Republic foodcourt at Nex. It’s a foodcourt! 

Isn’t the decor lovely? It was here that inspired me to a vintage fridge later.


I especially love the shelf by the wall. There is a vintage seeing machine ornamental piece on one of the shelves. All the indoor plants add a lovely touch of green to the place too.


Alas view of the glass behind meimei isnt the most charming. It looks out to a road on a higher ground, overhead bridge and the flow of people walking along that road never stopped throghout our meal.

Food is at foodcourt price. I had fired hokkien mee for 4.20 a plate. Teas at 1.40 per cup.

Foodcourt prices in a restaurant setting. What’s there to complain about? 🙂



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3 Responses to A restaurant

  1. UC says:


  2. Gin says:

    Oh no, 不是全部这样的。因为这个很特别所以特地拍照,其他的食阁都很食阁样。

  3. LihLih says:

    MeiMei 是美人哦…精灵啊….

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