Handmade Ipad2 Case




My father is really tuned into the internet, just like Twinsmom and I are. Last year my brother bought him an old pc retired at his workplace. He used it for surfing and my mother reported he spends alot of time reading articles on it.

The pc became faulty lately, so I suggested to get him an ipad2 for Father’s Day. My brothers, being guys (read tech crazy people) are both supportive, so we chipped in to get Father an ipad2. I can see it will serve him well since he mainly surfs using the pc.

I am excited too, because I will have an excuse to make a case for it.  It was both challenging and fun making this case. The fun thing was, when i needed to find out something in the process of creating the case, i just needed to switch on the ipad and search. Hehe…

However, this type of case (one with window) is few and far between for an handmade ipad case. Don’t be fooled by its minimalist look, it was quite difficult to make.

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3 Responses to Handmade Ipad2 Case

  1. youlgo says:


  2. UC says:

    Very nice work! You can etsy this item too and given the popularity of iPad I am sure u will have a market of this cover.

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