Malaysian Trip Jun 2011 – Park










Twinsmom recommended us this green park in Shah Alam.
When we got there, we took a bus in and went one round. Eventually decided to visit the small animal park. It was a small place with some animals, rabbits, deers, horses, parrots and chicken.

The kids adored the rabbits and spent a long time in there feeding them. The rabbits were melting in the sweltering heat and mostly hid in the shades.

There was a parrot which was VERY smart. When someone gave it a piece of bread, it took it in its beak and went and get a dip in water before eating it. Too dry, his majesty thought.  We brought watermelons and grapes. But the melons were spoiling, when my sister gave them to the parrot, it rejected them. But it took a grape and peeled off the skins before eating it! I dont know that parrots are so smart!

We then sat at a table, had a small picnic and left soon.


On our journey in, Meimei sat on my lap. We talked about things, it was a breezy and pleasant ride. When i asked her if she enjoyed herself, she said yes.

“Because i can sit on your lap, the winds are blowing, and you can talk to me.”

She taught me that the most pleasurable moments in life can be so simple.

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