Scary new habits of mine

Fibbing. Or so it seems. Little lies.
I’m not sure how it began and how often I have done it.
Probably only a couple of times.
Especially on facebook.
It’s nohing too serious, but just i caught myself saying some things which I did not really mean.
Off hand I can only remember one incident, but it’s two or three times more.

When my mom saw me make a cup of coffee, we began talking about how we each like our coffee. My mom makes them light and sweet. My mother in law makes them denser and more bitter. Throughout my coffee making session and my chat with mom, i have at least three times wanted to say, oh nevermind, i am not fussy with my coffee. Only to stop myself when the next line i wanted to say, i like mine dense and more bitter.

Three times.

I also remember couple times on facebook when i replied something that came out naturally without thinking much, only to realise i didn’t exactly meant what I say.

I hope it’s not a growing habit.

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