Melaka Trip Jul 2011

We made a whirlwind trip of 2 days to Melaka on 2 Jul 2011. Here are some pictures from Day 1.

We took a 8:45am bus from Beach Road , Singapore and arrived at Melaka Sentral Bus Terminal at 3:00 pm. Much much longer than I had expected. There was a jam near Malacca for about 30 minutes.

We rested a while at Fenix Inn and set off for Jonker Street in the evening. This was Dataran Pahlawan, a large field atop a building, in between 2 wings of shopping complex.

The very famous mille crepe which my friend Jason recommended since a long time ago. So glad to finally had a taste of it. We bought a hazelnut praline, and a cheese. Rm 9.90 each. Both were delicious!

Beautiful motiff in the shopping centre.

The shopping complex is right infront of the tourist area, so we walked on..Baobao wanted to pose with this hut..

The trishaws were loud, booming music, and ostentious. but as tourists, we love the over the top trishaws! The children wanted to ride so much.

Posing with a cannon infront of the old fort from 1512. We walked here the next day so I will have more pics later.

Beautifully aged. There’s no better finishing than hundreds of years of weathering!

We passed by the beautiful red Christchurch and took some pics in the lovely evening light.



And arrived at Jonker Street in time for its night market. It was quite crowded by then and our stroller procession of tired children and parents did not take to it so well.



Intricated Straits Chinese architecture.



And ate the worse tasting chicken rice ever. The rice balls were tasteless and dry, the chicken and roasted pork weren’t impressive and the oyster sauced vegetable was too heavy. The portion were big and we haelots of leftovers.

After this we headed back to the Inn and retired for the night from a long day of travel and sights and sounds..

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6 Responses to Melaka Trip Jul 2011

  1. Jasonn says:

    WHY THAT CHICKEN RICE SHOP?!?! BLASPHEMY!!! Should have asked me where to eat mah!

    • earthtone says:

      Yes, you are right, Jason. I have not finished writing up, but that shop sucks. Any chicken rice stall in Singapore tasted better. So where should we eat next time?

  2. Youlgo says:


  3. 湘绣蜻蜓 says:


  4. earthtone says:

    哇~~~~ 恶心之极!!

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