Baobao’s Storytelling Competition

I feel like I had been talking about this FOREVER. But’s only been 3 months since he was selected and been practicing for it. Here, I made the “bright red boots”, which eventually did not clear the teachers’ approval. They said it was not bright enough. Ouch.
Miss Sandy, however, was kind enough to go buy the boots herself from Chinatown, because I was very reluctant to do so.

When school started in July, she tasked me to make the costume and head gear and backdrop. I was quite frustrated when first “suggested” to do all those. I mean c’mon, I’m not a very free person. And those were quite many things to do. I dunno how BIG the competition is, but did we need to do so much. It’s just storytelling.

But I made them anyway…cause I couldn’t seem to push them away. She “suggested” very strongly. 😉

Anways, some of you have seen my house backdrop on facebook. These are pics from the actual day itself.

After what felt like such a LOOOOONG time, we were finally going to the competition!

Such a cheerful family pic, which betrays nothing of the row I had with Papa before this. I guess I was feeling the heat and he was not helping! So I took it out on him.

Putting on the costume..hmmm this feels like convocation. Except probably the girlfriend will be the one putting it on next time…

Full gear on. Isn’t he just sweet?

Give mommy a goose look!

Alot of participants, all from PCF (PAP’s kindergarten) in the North district. For his level K2 alone, there were 30 participants *pant*

This was the hall, too many people. So not all in the theatrette at the same time..

The nursery (4yo) kids…they are so cute. Their item is to recite a story as a team.

More nursery kids. Boys in makeup…haha…auntie take this picture to blackmail you in future..(怪阿姨)

My compeititor! Such a big house, must be teamwork…unlike mine…sob sob, made alone…

The competition started! Nursery team reciting Humpty Dumpty..So cute, the storyteller told the Humpty Dumpty “Fall down!” But the Egg heard nothing of it and sat blissfully on her wall throughout.

“酱久还没到 dor dor 的。。” She was really supportive and have sat and waited way pass her normal tolerance level. Amazing.

It was quite a while, when it finally was rock and roll time!
The moment he began, and I was at this angle filming him, the judge who was just on my right couldn’t stop nodding her head in approval.
Before him, there were too many stories which were long, and tedious for preschoolers. They mostly couldn’t kept the interest or pace going.
But Baobao’s Gossie was short and simple, and he delivered it with a loud voice. He was so nervous there was not much expression, and he forgot some actions…

But in the end…..

He won first prize!!!!! This is the member of parliament, Ms Ellen Lee. She is a very nice lady..

So we got on and took a pic with her as a family! And then…looks at our feet. BLEH!! not wearing shoes and looked like peasants. How were we to know Baobao would win??!

See, Ms Ellen Lee went to get an extra bear for Meimei when she saw her. Those bears were for the compeitors ( leftover after giving all out)

One with Miss Sandy, who really should take much of the credit, for choosing and training him, and pushing me to make those props..Some more she kept congratulating us like we were the ones who won. Did she know I think she did too?? 😉

This is the runner up, who is also under the same principal as Baobao. Think the PCF Sembawang principal must be brimming with pride. Her students clinched the top 2 prizes.
Look at my son, at this point, Miss Sandy who was taking this pic told him,” Zee Heng, open your eyes!”

And then we have this. So funny!

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13 Responses to Baobao’s Storytelling Competition

  1. UC says:

    What a phenomenal day! Congrats to baobao and a big pat on ur back for making the props too! Such a lovely family …

  2. 双喜妈妈 says:


  3. earthtone says:

    Thank You, Thank You lovely ladies! Yes, it’s a happy thing!
    No, I wouldn’t had worn wedding gears, just a pair of shows plus a better pair of pants…hehe

  4. LihLih says:

    Wow..big big hand clap from me =P really clever BaoBao..从上次看到Earthone妈妈一直督促baobao,到看到成绩,真的好感动哦…baobao 很厉害哦,加油加油…

  5. UC says:


  6. 湘绣蜻蜓 says:

    哗!!恭喜恭喜。。 这个对宝宝是个很好的鼓励咧!!

    ×× 不好意思,我总是很迟才post。。。××

    • earthtone says:


      留言是礼物耶,人来就好! 哈哈,不要道歉,你不欠我的。希望你最近安好。 🙂

  7. cslau says:

    Big Congrats! Just think…..may be we staying same area…

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