RealPlayer and its stupid marketing gimmick.

There’s a “convert” button in the player. I clicked it and was told to download QuickTime. After I did so, a dialogue box opened up. One is asked to pick the videos you want to convert, the formats to convert into, and then press a big green “start” button.

The next thing, another dislogue box opens up asking you to upgrade to a Pro version. I cannot tell you how angry it made me. Taken for a ride! It was a step by step lure into the trap until the stage which “they think” you cannot back out anymore.

STUPID STUPID Realplayer! Stupid Realplayer Pro. You really have to up you game to this, man. Like attend moral education class and not waste prospective customers’ time?

Think sales will improve by antagonising people?

“oh, how frustrating, but i need it so bad i will have to buy it now..”

Fat chance.
And here’s some great press for it. All who has too much time and cash on hand please proceed to Realplayer for some fun.

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