Reaction to the Prime Minister’s National Day Rally 2011


I can’t believe I shared the very same thoughts with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong after hearing this year’s rally.

Citizen activism. See? Didn’t I say a couple of posts back, not to ask the government to do everything? Initiate the changes you want to see in your life.

Except of course I put it in a much harsher term than the PM did. Well, I dun draw milion dollars pay and dun reach millions of people, so can’t expect me to be as nice as the PM.

But of course I shouldn’t be harsh really. Afterall, the government had been making many decisions for us until now. It’s natural to breed such dependent mindset. But that has to change. We are no more the uneducated cohort as the past generations and it’s time we learn to stand up for ourselves.


The PM also impresses me with the handle he has on the world economy and the changes that will come in the coming years.

The globalisation tide is real and coming on fast and furious. It’s good to be mentally prepared for it. Last century, the industrial revolution changed the world at the turn of the century and wars ensued.

This century, the internet and the rapid rise of Asia is shaking up the world and creating a new world order. If the tide of change is too strong for the world to take, there’s no telling that wars may happen and tumultous times will follow. So be mentally prepared.

All these. Were really writings on the wall in the financial markets way way back in 2006. Readers of this blog do you remember I talked about buy gold from then?That guy in a forum who advised us on that saw all these coming back then. Not because he had a crystal ball. But becauae changes were already unfolding back then.


Even though I share the same outlook and world view as the PM, we differ in one fundermental goal. He wants Singapore to continue prospering and be an exceptional country. When he asked us to choose tonight, between wanting a vibrant, outstanding economy, and an ordinary one just like any other countries, I chose being ordinary.

Much as I look up to my Dear PM for his vigour and crystal clear headedness, I just disagree on this count.

And because of this. While most of what I say on my blog and facebook may suggest that I love Singapore very much, I am always thinking of leaving, for maybe US.

You see my friends. I probably am born different from this land. I’m a wide space,  slow mo kind of person. And singapore has always been uncomfortable for me. When they call for suggestions to develop the green corridor after the Malaysian Rail pulled out from Tanjong Pagar Station, I suggested leaving some place raw and.untouched. Not even developed into a park. Just. Dun. Do . Anything. I know I must have been so off beat in that thread. I felt like if all those people were in a same room as I and.we were having a real discussion, they must have looked at me like a lunatic who forgot her pills for the day.

Leave it as it is???!!! Like, in Singapore?

I know that I can’t change Singapore to suit me, and I do not expect Singapore to change too. They say if we do not strive we will regress. All I’m saying is probably only 5-10 % of the world population live in the first world and many of the rest lead happy and rewarding backward lives elsewhere. And they live.

I love this country to death and am proud of all its achievements. But sometimes, it’s like having a high achiever parent, whom I know I will never measure up the same in terms of achievements and energy.

While I was in the workforce and now working at home, I often wonder what place I have in this fast moving society with a break neck pace. When the PM singled out examples who contributed to the society, it made me wonder what my place is in here. Doing selfish things like working for a living to support my own family and now just caring for my own children.

So ever so often, I will broach this subject of immigration to my Dear. That when our parents are gone, can we leave? He’s stauncher than I am and is always quiet when I ask.

When you made the choice for us tonight, Mr Prime Minister, to be the exceptional Singapore that you strive to maintain, I wonder how many amongst my countryman thought like me.

I’m tired and I don’t want to be running the race my whole life.

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