Meanwhile, at the Samsung Service Centre…


“I want to complain!”

“Yes, Madam?”

“The screen on my galaxy tab, it’s broken! WHY? I have only used it for a few months. Only a few months. And it’s cracked. What kind of glass do you use in your galaxy tabs? What kind of manufacturing standards do you adhere to? Or do you follow any at all? “

” Right, madam. Let me see. It looks like there’s hairline crack at the top of the screen. Will you let me know how this happened?”

“sure. I let my 3yo used it. She dropped it from my sofa at a height of about 35 cm. “

” oh, so your daughter dropped the tab.”

” Yeah…But…”

” The crack appeared after the fall due to the impact from the dropping on the floor?”

” Yes. But, don’t tell me you had not stress tested the gadget before it left the factory. You mean, you did not factor in the possibilities of impact of dropping the gadget when you made the phone? Specifically, you did not tested out the situation whereby a 2 year and eleven month old preschooler drops the galaxy tab from the sofa when she holds it with her gingerly hands?”

” erm… I’m afraid not. “

” That is discrimination! Against us housewives.”

” Mdm, I can see there’s hairline crack at the top of the screen of your galaxy tab. This is actually not covered under warranty as the damage was not due to manufacturing defect. But as a gesture of goodwill, we will agree to repair it for you.”


That’s just me imagaining how to argue out a lost cause, cooking up high sounding accusations so that i can eventually get what i want at the Samsung service centre. Teehee.


On the actual day…

” Huh, cannot arh?
Please lah.
O, ok loh.
Thanks anyway. “

A little imagination to soften the impact of pain doesn’t hurt. Eh? 😉

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