Meimei’s Observation and Baobao’s Logical Deduction

When in Melaka, we bought a wooden stool with its top carved with Starbucks’s Logo. Very pretty, I love it. Meimei laid claim on it and call it hers.

Last Friday, when we were out, Meimei pointed to a starbuck chain and said excitedly, “Mommy, we have this chair at home!”

I strained my eyes looking at the chairs in the Starbucks outlet to see if there’s anything special, but later realised she was pointing at the logo. And referring to the logo.


When we were in a public toilet, she asked me while doing her business on the throne.

“Mommy, why do some of the door open this way and some open the other way?”

She was referring to the door knob. Sometimes the turning part is on the door, while for some doors, it’s on the other side. Such keen observation. Then again, as she was always rushing to be the one who opens the door, I guess it’s normal that she noticed it.

But do you know,  these are very early mathematics skills. The ability to pick out patterns. I’m happy to see these skills developing with Meimei.

She’s a monster when it comes to homework. I would buy excercise books for toddlers for her from Popular Bookstore and she’d devour it in no time. I just bought 4 yesterday and she finished 2 within the day! Happy or sad? Thing is I’m not the one who went through with her, so I have not ascertain if she got the answers right.

While I worked on something on Photoshop, I heard Baobao going through the books with her. I actually wanted to scan the books so that she could use it again and again. Saves some money. But it was too late. When I realised, it was too late.

It’s not that I’m kiasu and wanna train her from so young. Just something to occupy her, or she’ll come and kacau me. Or wanna watch TV/ play computer. So I bought those books to entertain her. I’m so going broke.


With Baobao, some of the logical deduction moments delight me.

We were returning from a park and he asked me,” Mommy, the sign said no pets allowed in the park, how come people still let their pets in?”

I said I did not see any pets, how did he know?

He said he saw dog poo, so some dogs must have been there.

Sherlocks Holmes!


The lights in the bathroom flickered again, right after Papa changed the bulb.

While I was bathing him in the flickering lights, he told me,” It cannot be the problem with the bulb. Papa has changed it. It must be some else, something with the house..”

Yah…seventh month. you dunno m~~E~~~h~~

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