The Poor Little Neglected Inagaki’s Shop

I hope none of my potential customers are reading this blog, cause this is where I secretly write about how I scheme against them.

Except I hadn’t quite been scheming anything lately.

Checked in on my shop this morning and was horrified to find that items sold have not been renewed. Couple of weeks ago, a customer actually had to message me to “pssst…this fabric still got or not..”

shame shame shame shame…

I have been neglecting the shop, I admit. An order of 8 wristlets stopped me in my track and took me forever to finish. The commodities market took my eyes away, and I suddenly lost my mojo in photography, plus a rather chaotic childcare schedule with sick children going to school one day and not another, left me whirling from the chaos of it all.

Dun say shop. I just felt like everything was abit crazy, and though I really do have more time after meimei goes to school, much of it was spent staring out, panicking over what to do first.

Really. I’m not ashamed to admit. I like to go with the flow and somehow, the flow just wasn’t there. The only solace and peace I found was house cleaning. I tried to tidy and clean the house every time I am feeling out of control.

Until last week, I stood up one afternoon while the children were napping.


I went straight (WITHOUT thinking or planning anything) to take these off my to do list.

One thing followed another, I altered a pair of jeans which are neither too long or short. (very cute, show you later)

Today I looked in on my store, updated some photos, posted a new listing….MORE to go..!

Now I’m feeling more at peace and am ready to take on more things..

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