About Me

I am a SAHM with two lovely kids, Baobao 5, and Meimei 2.

 I have been blogging since 2005.

My blog is a disorganised record of the things I see, do, hear and experience.

Sometimes I blog in English, sometimes Chinese. I love it both ways.  Oh wait, and Singlish too – our Singaporean version of English. So if you are

not from this part of the world and think it looks like I’m writing English but dun get me most of the times – that’s Singlish!   

Welcome to my world and do not hesitate to say hi, cos I’m not blogging star and dun mind knowing people from around the world.

18th Sep 2010

My last “about me” PaGe :-

13th March 2007

Baobao – A cute baby

Dear – Earthtone’s husband

Ah Por – Earthtone’s grandmother

Kakak – Maid

Twinsmom – Earthtone’s sister 

Earthone – Mom to Baobao, wife to Dear, Granddaughter to Ah Por, sister to Twinsmom, employer of Kakak.


Being the kpo that you are, which explains why you are here, here are some of the FAQs about Earthtone answered:-

1.) Some of your views are so twisted! Why can’t I comment on your blog?

2.) Why protect your lousy posts?

Because they are not lousy, and they are very very juicy! Some day I am going to be a famous writer and I dun want to have copyright issues.Wanna read ? heh heh, email me and tell me I’m beautiful. Nevermind that you have not seen me before. I need to hear some lies lately.

That’s all! Hahahahha, wait I go and think more FAQs I have about myself first.

Email me at: earthtoneonline at yahoo dot com dot sg

Lat updated : 13th Mar 07

7 Responses to About Me

  1. Pooi Sun says:

    Hi I m Pooi Sun, I m a regular reader to ur sis Maria’s blog… I am a mother of two (twin girls now 18 mth old). Any chance i have read ur blog too? 🙂

  2. earthtone says:

    hi pooi sun, thanks for you interest. do send me a mail to the above addy…and would very much appreciate a brief intro or better still gimme you blog addy..can kah? 🙂

  3. melyeap85 says:

    earthtone, melysa here, i change my blog to melyeap85.wordpress.com…not momtalking.blogspot.com anymore…

  4. earthtone says:

    okie..thanx…welcome to wordpress!
    more update ley..!

  5. Hello et,
    I cannot send to your yahoo email, I may have wrong typo,, can you please email me your emai. thanks, I try to send an exclusive banner for you, the one in my blog not so completed..
    Thank you!

  6. melysa says:

    Hey , Happy Birthday to you… I will visit you as soon as my sabrina learn how to walk, then i will bring you your present…

  7. mama bok says:

    I changed laptops.. and can’t seems to find the password to your blog entries. Can i please.. pretty please have the password..??

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