Baobao’s Drawings

Baobao loves to draw. I’m not sure if it’s an age sort of thing, but he LOVES to draw. And I greatly enjoy his drawing. So here, I will upload some of Baobao’s drawings regularly to share.

29 Aug 2011


children's drawing, children's doodle, trucks

Trucks – one of his favourite subjects.

children's drawing, children's doodle,carnival trucks

These carnival buses are drawn right out of his head. I love the smiling faces on the passengers.

children's drawing, children's doodle, singapore national day parade 2011, ndp 2011

Singapore National Day Parade 2011. I like that he draws what he sees, for the occasion.

children's drawing, children's doodle,colourful train

A colourful choo choo train..

children's drawing, children's doodle,transformer, the solar system

They were learning about the Solar System in school. We borrowed books on the solar system and he drew this out of memory from the book.

Notice how beautiful our Mother Earth is?  ((♥_♥))

children's drawing, children's doodle,transformer, optimus prime

This is the picture that prompts me to start this page. Such amazing details. I remember he was very quiet when I was feeding Meimei on a Saturday evening. Quiet for quite a long while. And then this….I probably do not have any credit for this but why am I so beaming with pride?

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