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在两元店里两个人各自拿了两款不同的贴纸叫我买。我说两个人只可以买一张,share share 玩。可是要买谁的那款呢?他们问我。 我说我不知道,你们两个商量一下,自己决定。说完走开。 哥哥要石头剪刀布一决胜负。可是过了一会儿, 他投诉妹妹输了不认账。我说不要跟我讲,你们两个自己解决,不然就不要买。 后来不知道他们怎样商议, 两个来找我。我们决定了,买哥哥那款。 OK, 成交。 回来轮流贴,不亦乐乎。 如果从无到有都不会妥协的话,那从有到无不是更加没希望?

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Making Their Own Toys

I will only say I am a very happy and proud mommy. Maybe rich too, from being this frugal. :p

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准备容器装新买的特大包装奶粉。 突然有人进来问我,”你的aircon有没有漏?” 哈? 似模似样,真可爱。

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Meimei’s Observation and Baobao’s Logical Deduction

When in Melaka, we bought a wooden stool with its top carved with Starbucks’s Logo. Very pretty, I love it. Meimei laid claim on it and call it hers. Last Friday, when we were out, Meimei pointed to a starbuck … Continue reading

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A New Page for Baobao’s Drawings..

I have just added a new page on this blog to feature Baobao’s drawings.    

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Translator Storyteller

He’s reading a simple English book to her in Mandarin. cool~ and then broke into an impromptu song with the words in the last story 101 ways to entertain themselves.

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Baobao’s Gossie Video

And so here we are. Apologies for the poor video quality. From filimng to converting, there were hiccups all the way. I’ve finally found the best conversion there is from my camera format to an youtube uploadable format. Enjoy~ At … Continue reading

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