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在两元店里两个人各自拿了两款不同的贴纸叫我买。我说两个人只可以买一张,share share 玩。可是要买谁的那款呢?他们问我。 我说我不知道,你们两个商量一下,自己决定。说完走开。 哥哥要石头剪刀布一决胜负。可是过了一会儿, 他投诉妹妹输了不认账。我说不要跟我讲,你们两个自己解决,不然就不要买。 后来不知道他们怎样商议, 两个来找我。我们决定了,买哥哥那款。 OK, 成交。 回来轮流贴,不亦乐乎。 如果从无到有都不会妥协的话,那从有到无不是更加没希望?

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Making Their Own Toys

I will only say I am a very happy and proud mommy. Maybe rich too, from being this frugal. :p

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Altered Clothing Spree?

A relative gave us some hand me downs clothing and Meimei adores the new colourful oshkosh tees. But one of them is 2T and too small for her. She wore it as jammies last night and the tee went above … Continue reading

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Translator Storyteller

He’s reading a simple English book to her in Mandarin. cool~ and then broke into an impromptu song with the words in the last story 101 ways to entertain themselves.

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刚买了两本书,里头有很多练习,说是训练左脑,右脑那种。里面插图精美,兄妹两很喜欢做。宝宝更当起老师,督促妹妹做功课。 宝宝真的是个很好的哥哥。这个从小妹妹刚出世,他谨三岁的时候就这样。 去年我们在美国。开车的时候他们坐后面。妹妹因为很小,出门久了饿了开始要闹。宝宝在旁分散她的注意力。“你看那边,有没有看见牛啊? 还有truck! 有没有看见?一下就到了,你等一等, ok?“ 妹妹的豆豆班老师说她涂彩涂得好,都在线內。这是常常跟着宝宝做的结果。所以我常想把宝宝教好很重要。 因为宝宝会照顾她,所以她也是喜欢宝宝。那天在商场宝宝顾着玩不要吃饭。我说我们吃完就走,不要管哥哥。她说不要,她喜欢哥哥,不可以把哥哥留下。 又有一次我骂宝宝,她在旁劝宝宝。拉他的手说,你去跟妈咪讲对不起,不要哭。。。 看着他们日渐深厚的感情,很开心。 Posted from WordPress for Android

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The One That

Makes me pull my hair out, and acquire the武林神功 of 忍无可忍,从头再忍。。。 Terribly long Sat night where Baobao had chest discomfort and Meimei needed soothing after knocking her head on the bed. Both not too serious but they whined and fought … Continue reading

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